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Flats in Zirakpur

The Project -Mona Greens

The growing demand for high quality and affordable residential solutions in close proximity to the major metro cities and urban centers has led to the development of small towns like Zirakpur as major property hubs. Being situated strategically just on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Chandigarh, makes Zirakpur a perfect choice for development of a wide range of residential solutions. In fact this is one of the major reasons why we chose the rapidly growing town of Zirakpur as the location for Mona Greens, which offers a world class living solutions to people from diverse backgrounds.

Mona Greens In One View 
Total Area 1110 Sq. Ft., 1207 Sq.Ft, 1842 Sq.Ft, 2292 Sq.Ft.
Type of Project Residential 
Developer Mona Townships Pvt. Ltd.
Possession Date: 2 BHK 3 BHK 4 BHK
  Ready to move Ready To Move Ready to Move
  As per May 2015 many Families have already taken possession and residing.
Location V.I.P Road, Zirakpur, S.A.S Nagar, Punjab, India
Advantages All units are at the park facing prime location on VIP road with many facilities/ amenities.
Investment Good (T&C Apply)
Project Manager Mr. Amrik Singh
Interior Designer Ms. Madhu Garg
Contractor Mr. Abhishek Bharadwaj
Price 35.52 - 73.34 Lacs onwards
Loan Facility  Yes, many leading banks
Close City  Chandigarh
Nearest Railway Station Chandigarh
Nearest Hospital  J.P.Hospital

house in Zirakpur-3 BHK and 4 BHK units

3 and 4 BHK Elevation Image

Specific Aspects Of The Project

Mona Greens is a residential project consisting of 4, 3 and 2 BHK apartments designed to provide ultimate coziness and comfort to the residents. Some of the finer aspects of the project are explained in brief as follows.

Location: Mona Greens is situated on VIP Road in Zirakpur, which has become the address of some of the best properties in the region. Despite being located on the main Delhi-Chandigarh National Highway, the project offers affordable living solutions to people from diverse economic backgrounds making it a truly integrated residential society.  

map location of Mona Greens in Zirakpur

Location-Map Mona Greens

Infrastructure: The project offers the advantage of well developed infrastructure including properly laid out roads, electricity and clean drinking water, markets, schools and other such facilities. In fact it would not be wrong to state that the project offers all the facilities that make it one of most luxurious and elegant residential project in the region.

Growth Prospects: With the entire region of Zirakpur undergoing rapid real estate and infrastructure development, there is much scope for growth for people investing in Mona Greens. The world class design and construction of the project further enhance the growth prospect by a significant margin making it an ideal investment option.

Read more specific aspects on the official website with current details/ rate here: http://monatownships.com/project/mona-greens/zirakpur

growth of Mona Greens Demands in the real estate market

Growth Of Mona Greens

Cost Effective: Mona Greens is located in one of the most favorable and upcoming property hubs in North India, namely Zirakpur. Despite that the residential units in this project are quite reasonably priced added to which is the advantage of easy availability of basic facilities of good quality living. This makes Mona Greens a truly cost effective real estate option, especially for people planning to buy a home for a lifetime. 

Environment Friendly Residential Solutions

We at Mona Greens believe in the concept that the environment, in which we live and work, significantly influences our manner of thinking and even the level of success we attain in our personal and professional lives. As such we have designed the project to meet the various needs of modern day living without causing extensive harm to the environment and provide a healthy and relaxing ambience to the residents. The project also offers the advantage of innovative and practically effective residential solutions have a positive influence on the lives of the residents and their loved ones.

a home to stay

Construction in Mona Greens

We have taken utmost care to ensure that the project not only enhances the living standard of the residents but also adheres to the policies and regulations of conserving the environment. We have developed Mona Greens in accordance with the below mentioned guidelines to offer a healthy and safe living environment to the residents.

  • We have included large lush green spaces in the form of well maintained gardens that add to the beauty and magnificence of the apartment complex besides ensuring a clean and pollution free environment.
  • We have adapted every necessary measure to keep the ambience in and around the property calm and peaceful so that the residents feel relaxed and refreshed in the company of their loved ones.
  • Mona Greens provides ample space for the kids to enjoy a wide range of physical activities, and explore their creativity and imagination so they can grow both physically an intellectually in an unhindered and fun filled manner.
  • We have ensured ample utilization of space in every independent apartment and residential unit so as to provide enough room to the residents to unwind and chill out without feeling bound by the restrictions of space 
  • We have implemented the latest safety features to maintain the peace and tranquility desired by the residents and avoids any unsought disturbance while also making sure that the friends and family visitors face minimal inconvenience.

Easy Connectivity With Major Cities

As mentioned before Mona greens is located on the Delhi- Chandigarh National Highway, which ensures that the residents get easy connectivity facilities to almost every major town and city in the region. People who prefer to travel by private transport can also rest assured as the wide and well lit streets make its quite easy to commute even during the night. The roads and well maintained and cleaned regularly which provides a comfortable and relaxed travelling experience to the commuters.

There is a constant traffic of interstate and intrastate buses just at the neck of the VIP Road so that residents can easily transit to almost any city of their choice without having to wait long. In addition, its location just on the outskirts of Chandigarh makes it possible for the regular travelers to easily access Chandigarh Railway Station, Bus Stand and even the Airport. This enables to residents to easily travel to almost any part of the country or even the globe in a hassle free and smooth manner.

The ease of connectivity makes Mona Greens a highly convenient choice of residence for people working both in Chandigarh and Mohali. This is because they can easily travel to and from work without spend long hours in just travelling and getting back to the comfort of their home. Moreover, in case of emergencies it is not difficult to get a convenient mode of transportation at almost any hour. The abundance of local transport also enables the residents to lead a free life as they can carry out the chores easily without being dependent on the availability of a private vehicle.

Most importantly, the project is just a stone’s throw distance away from some of the biggest malls and shopping centers located on the Ambala-Chandigarh expressway. This means that people can enjoy a great shopping experience just in the vicinity of their home. This is definitely an added advantage for young couples who do not need to travel long distances after a hard day’s work at office just to spend some great time with their loved ones. With most malls offering dining as well as entertainment facilities along with shopping activities, having fun no longer tiring and exhausting experience for the residents.








Architecture, Design And Layout

Layout 2 BHK (type A1)  click to enlarge

Layout 2 BHK (type A1)-1110 sq.ft

Layout 2 BHK (Type A2) -1207 sq.ft

layout 3 BHK- Click to enlarge

Layout 3 BHK -1842 sq.ft

Layout 4 BHK -2292 sq.ft

We understand that proper utilization of space plays a critical role in ensuring maximum comfort and good value for money. That is why we have taken special care to design every single unit within Mona Greens in a manner that makes the optimum use of every square foot of space that is available, without compromising with the practicality and the coziness of living in these apartments. Our teams of professionally qualified and highly experienced architects and designers have ensured that the apartments not only offer all the features of luxurious living but are also extremely safe and snug.

We have also made it a point to keep the designs and architectural layout in accordance with law of the land. In keeping with the same we have acquired all the necessary permissions, approvals and validation from the authorized persons in a legal and transparent manner so as to avoid any inconvenience to the residents anytime in the future. Most importantly, our architects and designers have taken special care to maintain the local environment and keep the natural aesthetic of the area undisturbed in the best possible manner. This makes sure that we adhere to our commitment of developing eco-friendly residential solutions that bring our clients closer to nature rather than alienating them from the same.

Every apartment in Mona Green boasts of ample space that enables the home owners to décor the interiors in any unique style and manner that they might choose. It gives them enough scope to experiment with their creativity and imagination and create an extremely cozy and relaxing living environment for themselves and their loved ones. By leaving the final touches undone, we aim to give the residents and opportunity to the grace and beauty of the apartments and turn them into their perfect house of dreams where they can enjoy love, luxury and freedom.

Every apartment in Mona Greens offers the benefit of the following conveniences to the home owners.  

  • Large bedrooms providing ample space for the residents to unwind in carefree manner
  • Open dining and lounge areas to enjoy fun time with family
  • Extensive modular kitchen fitted with anti-skid tiles
  • Spacious bathroom fitted with anti-skid tiles and high quality accessories
  • Toilets fitted with chinaware and CP fittings


Construction Guidelines Followed

4th Block under construction

4th Block under construction

Terrace getting constructed

Terrace getting Constructed

Rear side of the building

Lift in The other side of the 4th block


We are well aware of the fact that for most people investing in good quality property at a strategic location means putting in the savings of their lifetime. As such we have ensured the every unit within Mona Greens is constructed with much love and dedication to ensure that our clients get the best return on investment in terms of low maintenance and ability to enjoy a risk free living experience for years together. The apartments have been constructed to become a perfect home for both small nuclear families as well as large joint families.  

With us, the residents get an assurance of high quality construction that meets the best international standards. We have based our structure on the earthquake resistant RCC frame that meets the latest regulations of IS codes. Care has been taken to use the right kind of material that make for robust and long life of the structure. Each and every material use in the construction process has been checked for adherence to set quality standards not only prior to procuring them from the suppliers but also during the various phases of construction itself. That is why every flat in Mona Greens offers accuracy even at the minutest level along with excellent sustainability and durability.

We have also used the latest a tools and techniques in the construction process of Mona Greens simply to ensure that the quality in not compromised with in any manner. It has been our policy to constantly keep a team of architects, engineers and quality control specialists present on site to ensure that all the tasks were carried out in accordance with the approved plans and standards of excellence. We value the satisfaction and the safety of our clients above everything else, which is why we have not made any compromises, howsoever small in maintaining the superiority and sturdiness of the apartments in every manner.

Facilities And Amenities Provided

Swimming Pool and Joggers park facility

Swimming pool and joggers track facility

We have developed Mona Greens as a world class residential project that offers all the comforts and luxuries which are considered to be an integral part of high class living. The city has all the facilities and amenities which make it possible for the residents to enjoy a great lifestyle within an almost perfect living environment so as to make them feel proud of being a part of the project. Listed below are the major services that we offer to all the residents of Mona Greens.

Basement Parking: In order to keep the roads within the project un-congested and provide a free passageway for the vehicles, we have provided the facility of basement parking. This not only ensures greater safety of the vehicles but also ensures efficient management of parking areas besides minimizing chances of conflict between residents.   

Large Open Spaces: Rather than providing a cramped and all concrete look, we have developed large open spaces with almost 80% of the same covered with greenery. Apart from ensuring a peaceful and serene look this also helps in maintaining the natural beauty and aesthetics of the area, which is a cause quite close to our heart.

Jogging Track: Keeping the growing health awareness amongst people today, we have provided a well paved jogging track lain in the open green spaces. This enables the residents to keep themselves fresh and healthy by enjoying a run or even a walk on this track lain amidst lush green beauty that has a soothing effect on their mind and body.

Wide and Well Lit Streets: We not only offer ample lighting facility within each apartment complex but also provide enough lights on the internal streets, which are quite wide to ensure easy maneuverability even at night. This not only ensures that the residents are able to move freely within the entire complex but also minimizes any chances of crimes that can be easily conducted under the cover of darkness.

24X7 Security: We take the safety of our residents extremely seriously which is why we have implemented latest security features in the entire complex. In addition, we have also appointed professional security personal at every entry and exit point so as to minimize the risk of any mishaps caused by non-residents or criminal elements.   

Prime Location: The prime location of Mona Greens ensures utmost comfort to the residents in almost every aspect of their lives. Moreover, the proximity to various hill cities and other entertainment and shopping hubs ensures that the residents enjoy a relaxing and fulfilled lifestyle.

High Speed Lifts: Lifts have become an essential medium of movement in modern day apartment buildings which is why we have installed high speed and state-of- the-art lifts in every apartment block. They are large enough to carry multiple people and sturdy enough to work in a flawless and efficient manner continuously for several years.   

Power Backup: One of the major problems faced by people in major urban centers today is that of long power cuts which can not only prove frustrating but also put a stop to the most important tasks. In order to avoid any such inconvenience we have provided 24 hrs power backup facilities at Mona Greens besides 100% power for all basic services that are essential for the residents.

Uninterrupted Water Supply: Getting clean and hygienic water is an important aspect of living a healthy life. That is why we have made sure that every household in Mona Greens get a constant supply of clean water for both drinking and other household uses.

Entertainment And Leisure: We understand the need for the residents to relax and refresh themselves without leaving the complex. As such we have provided a wide range of entertainment facilities including a club house, swimming pool and a tennis court for enjoying leisure time. There is also a common spacious banquet hall which can be used by the residents for organizing get-together, ceremonies and other socio-cultural events.

Well Equipped Gym: In keeping with the needs of an urban lifestyle, Mona Green also offers the facility of a well equipped gymnasium for the residents who love to work-out. The gym not only helps them keep fit and healthy but also saves a lot of time they would otherwise spend in going to a nearby facility. With all the latest machines and different timings for men and women it is perfect solution for all health woes.

Kids Play Area: Healthy and happy children are the future of any society which is why we have provided them with a separate play area to ensure their overall growth and development in close proximity with nature. The kids play area enables the children to perform a wide variety of physical activities and also explore their mental and creative abilities in a free and safe manner.

Intercom Facility: While we focus on providing utmost security to the residents, we also understand the need to make it convenient for their friends and well-wishers to come and visit them. That is why we have connected every unit with the guard rooms through intercom, which not only makes it easy for the residents to inform the security about any visitors but also alert them in case of emergency. 

Earthquake Resistant RCC Structure: All the apartment complexes in Mona Greens are built on an earthquake resistant RCC frame structure. This ensures minimum damage to life and property in case of even the largest earthquake shaking the region.

Availability of Maintenance Staff: Despite all our efforts to provide the residents with the best quality residential apartments, there might be some they might need to make to suit their specific needs. For this we offer the service of qualified maintenance staff, which is made available to the residents on request.  







Approval By Major Banks

We understand that in the modern times investing all life’s savings in buying a home is not a sensible decision. That is why we encourage all our clients to seek financial assistance from reputed banks and financial institutions. Seeking a loan for investing in our property not only offers the residents the advantage of enhanced value of property but also the preservation of their saving for real emergencies. In addition, a home loan helps the residents in creating a good credit record with the financial institutions which can help to get loans for fulfilling their other financial commitments, quite easy.

We feel proud about the fact, that Mona Greens has been approved by most major nationalized banks, which makes the process of loan approval quite easy. Our commitment to quality and adherence to highest standards of customer satisfaction has helped us win the trust of these well known financial institutions in a very short time. This has not only enhanced the value of the property at Mona Greens even further but has created a sense of security and reliability amongst the investors as well.

We have proved true on all the criteria and regulations that the banks use for validating and approving a newly developed project. The banks and financial institutions that have favored us with their approval and appreciation include Axis Bank, Punjab National Bank, State Bank Of Patiala, IDBI Bank, Tata Capital and First Blue. People interested in investing in a property in Mona Greens can seek loan from these banks and financial institutions in a simple and hassle free manner. In case the clients so request, we can also we provide them with the best help and support in terms of getting easy loans from these financial institutions. However, such assistance will be extended only after verifying the credentials of the client and conducting a thorough research about their backgrounds and credibility.




About Us- Mona Greens Flats

Front face of Mona Greens in Zirakpur

Front Face of Mona Greens

Welcome to Mona Greens, a company known for providing high quality and affordable real estate solutions!

We are a leading brand of real estate developers known for our world class and futuristic projects in the emerging property hub of Zirakpur. We have earned a name in the real estate sector for providing the most useful facilities and amenities to our clients within an affordable budget range.  We are committed to offering elegant properties to our customers that suit their specific needs and also provide them good return on investment. This is what inspires us to convert carefully selected vacant lands into flourishing residential units for people from diverse backgrounds. 

Zirakpur- The Ideal Location For High Class Living

Top view of Zirakpur from our 3/4 BHk tower

Top View from our Tower

In the recent years, Zirakpur has emerged as a popular real estate hub in North India. Its proximity to the beautiful and stylish city of Chandigarh makes it a perfect destination for the urbane population seeking affordable living solutions. This has been a major reason behind the unprecedented growth in the demand for high class residential projects in the region. Just in the past decade, the landscape of Zirakpur has changed from large extended farmlands to soaring apartment buildings and housing societies. In fact, the growth of real estate sector in Zirakpur has become a catalyst for the enhancing the infrastructure and social development in various other regions of Punjab.  

Another factor that has contributed significantly towards the growth of Zirakpur as a hot spot for real estate development is the easy availability of all the basic amenities and facilities within a short distance. From markets to hospitals, renowned schools and institutions to famous eating joints, Zirakpur offers everything that is required for high class living in the modern times. To top it all the region also has well developed infrastructure and regular transport facilities. Most importantly, Zirakpur is strategically located on the Delhi-Chandigarh National Highway, which makes it a perfect place to own property form investment point of view as well.

Getting Familiar With Our Team

Our Team-Diligent

Mona Greens Team- Medium Level

We are a totally customer centric real estate development company. In keeping with the same, every member of our team is chosen on the basis of their passion for this industry as well as a sense of serving the clients in the best possible manner. The core focus of our entire team is on ensuring infrastructure growth and social development by providing high quality residential solutions within the specified budget limit and delivered in time.

We consider the satisfaction of our customers to be our greatest rewards and hence choose the best professionals from the various niches related to real estate development to ensure the same. Our team of architects, construction engineers, quality control experts and even the labors are chosen based on their deep rooted passion towards the construction industry and dedication towards providing customer centric solutions. Our team is well versed in developing properties that offer the highest level of comfort and luxury to people from diverse social and economic backgrounds, well within their price range.

Apart from their dedication, knowledge and experience the aspects that really make out team truly unique is their strict adherence to our founding principles of total honesty and transparency in all client dealings. Whether it is informing the clients about latest construction updates about our project or providing them maintenance and support services, every team member adapts a policy of being completely truthful and straightforward with the clients. We believe that this not only helps in strengthening our relationship with the clients but also winning their trust and ensuring a cordial and long lasting relationship with them.

Our Construction Strategy

Image of construction Time in Mona Greens

Image during construction time of 3 BHK

We follow a stringent quality based construction policy to ensure that the apartments developed by us offer the assurance of long life and safety to the residents. We use the latest construction tools and techniques so the team adheres to the international standards of construction in every respect. we also make use of combined technical know-how and human intelligence and experience to provide comfortable and luxurious living spaces that are also in accordance with the diverse practical aspects of modern day living.

In addition to catering to the needs of our esteemed customers, our construction policy also takes into consideration the affect on environment and the best utilization of land. We ensure that our construction designs help in utilizing the limited space allotted to each residential unit in the best possible manner. At the same time we also make conscious efforts to provide an eco-friendly and clean ambience for the residents by making room for vast green spaces and amenities like waste management and rainwater harvesting within the project itself.

In order to ensure complete comfort for our customers, we also offer proper infrastructure development as an integral part of our construction policy. That is why we pay ample attention to laying proper wide and well lit roads for congestion free mobility along with other infrastructure facilities like proper parking, security systems and backup for water and electricity. We use only the best quality construction materials that are not only robust but also minimize any chances of accident without blotching the style and elegance of the residential units. 

Get The Best Of Both Worlds With Mona Greens

Model showing 2 BHK Unit and VIP road in front

Model of Mona Greens with 2 BHK unit in front

We feel extremely grateful about the fact that we are able to help realize the dream of countless people of having a home of their own. The fact that our residential units boast of best location and excellent quality is just an added advantage that you can cherish and enjoy. We believe in maintaining the trust of our clients at all costs and hence we ensure that every unit we develop offers the same level of luxury, comfort and safety that we are renowned for.

Whether you choose to invest in 2 BHK, 3 BHK or 4 BHK Apartments, you are sure to experience the best of high class living in every aspect of your new home. Our years of experience combined with our total dedication towards fulfilling client needs are what make us the preferred choice of countless people seeking affordable housing solutions in Zirakpur. So come and experience the joy of living in your dream house by investing in a residential unit in Mona Greens today.




Photo Gallery of the Sample Flat

Interior designing images of one of the sample flats


Construction Time Images/ Elevations/ Whole Project /Updated Date: 20th Aug, 2016

front view entry side in mona greens back view
front view entry side in mona greens back view
front view entry side in mona greens back view
parking area balcony view washroom room
front view psrking area swimming area balcony area


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